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“I had a wonderful experience. The earring that I lost was given to me by my sister that died earlier this year. My Claims Rep made it her mission to find a diamond match so I could at least keep one of them since it was precious to me. She checked on me continuously and communicated all the way through the process even after I received my beautiful new earrings. I can not thank her enough. We need more helpful people like her in this world.” – Sabrina, 2021

“Our experience with Artigem was excellent. Our representative couldn’t have been more professional and incredibly helpful. We would definitely call on him again in the future. It’s not often that I take the time to review a company or a person but truly felt the need to do it at this time. Thank you for making the experience easy.” – Michael, 2021

“I actually had the most amazing experience with ARTIGEM after I lost a diamond earring that my late husband had bought me right before he passed away unexpectedly. My Claims Representative communicated everything for me from the start of the procedure to the minute it was delivered to my door. I can not say enough good things about my experience! Thank you ARTIGEM—I will definitely reach out to ARTGEM in the future for all my jewelry needs!” – Kathy, 2021

“I lost the diamond out of my wedding ring. After looking over a month and sifting through the vacuum canister after every use, I finally submitted an insurance claim. I was put in contact with Artigem. My rep was very helpful and explained the process every step of the way. Her care and concern was over and above what I expected. I received my ring back today and was just thrilled by how it looks (I cried tears of joy!). Thank you so much Artigem for your top notch customer service!!” – Janna, 2021

“My husband had just passed away and in my grief with great carelessness I shattered my emerald cut white topaz ring he had given me many years ago, my favorite thing! I reached out to Artigem and they performed a miracle, even going as far as New York to get it accomplished, with a beautiful custom cut stone. My rep is a very special person, there is no way to express how much your kindness and attention to every detail has enriched my life!” – Barbara, 2021

“I would recommend Artigem for anything! They kept in touch everyday and got my ring fixed and back to me in no time. At one point I got a call saying they weren’t happy with the diamond that came in so they sent it back and got one that they thought was perfect and it is.. thank you so much Artigem!!!” – Lacy, 2021

“Artigem did a fantastic job of recreating my wife’s lost wedding ring set from pictures and descriptions. Fantastic! My wife was thrilled!” – Donald, 2021

“What a good experience on a bad situation… Artigem replaced my lost bracelet, she did a great job in customer service and I’m very happy with the quality of my new bracelet, thanks again Artigem!!!” – Nick, 2021

“I lost the diamond in my ring. My insurance company uses Artigem. I was so happy – not knowing this company, the rep at Artigem picked out a diamond as a replacement. It looks AWESOME! Better than the diamond in the original ring. Artigem’s service was outstanding. They shipped me a box, had the carrier pick it up at my house and had the ring repaired and fixed in no time at all. They are very professional and stay in contact with the customer during the entire procedure. I would highly recommend this company.” – Joyce, 2021

“I was passed down a diamond ring from my Grandmother, that she was passed down from her Grandmother. One of the diamonds fell out and my insurance company utilized Artigem to fix the ring. My rep was excellent every step of the way! She called me and explained how the process would work and understood my personal attachment to the piece. She let me know once they received the ring and provided updates throughout the course of them having my piece. I am so satisfied with how this turned out. An insurance claim is never fun, especially for such a personal family heirloom. Thank you to my rep and the Artigem team for making my ring feel just as important to them as it is to me.” – Nicole, 2021

“When we lost an earring, we had some many questions and didn’t know what to expect or if we would get back what we had lost. My rep was there for us the whole time to ensure questions were answered and we know what to expect. We just got our replacement set and it took all of 2 min for my wife to put back on. Thank you for taking suck care of us and couldn’t be happier.” – Andy, 2021

“My wedding rings were stolen from our home. Artigem and my rep did a wonderful job recreating my rings. They are more beautiful than ever. Thank you very much to you both. We are very happy.” – Betty, 2021

“What a great experience with Artigem. My rep and his team created a ring for me which is absolutely beautiful! My rep was very professional keeping me updated on the process of creating it. Thank you again!” – Tammy, 2021