Frequently Asked Questions

How does replacement occur?

Once Artigem receives approval from the insured to proceed with replacement, Artigem will contact the adjuster and secure authorization to replace.

What is the necessary information needed when submitting a jewelry claim to

Every bit of information helps in determining an accurate quote. When submitting a claim, remember to populate all information, including the type of loss and the type of service you would like from Artigem. To reduce your pushback, it is helpful to provide description of the jewelry item and appraisals if available.

What if our insured is not pleased with the replacement?

If the insured is not pleased with the replacement, Artigem offers a 14 day no-hassle return policy (custom made and special order items are exempt).

What is the insured wants to work with their own jeweler?

Artigem will still determine the replacement value based on the market availability using “Like Kind and Quality”. The insured can use their own jeweler for replacement at our established replacement value.

What is the insured does not have internet access?

Artigem will do whatever it takes to assist the insured with their loss. An Artigem Jewelry Expert will contact the insured by phone. A catalog can then be sent through the mail for the insured to view the replacement options.

My insured replaced the item and I haven’t received an invoice for services?

Once Artigem receives approval from the adjuster for replacement, the invoice is accompanied by the order confirmation. The adjuster can view the invoice at any time on their home page. An Artigem Jewelry Expert will be in constant contact with the adjuster throughout the entire process.