In the event that the policyholder’s item was custom made or is no longer available in the market, Artigem offers a custom design process to re-create their item. It is Artigem’s goal to make the policyholder whole again through replacement and we will work directly with them to ensure that we have all of the correct information needed to reproduce their item as accurately as possible.


  1. The Jewelry Specialist will work directly with the policyholder to obtain a photo or create a sketch of your original item.
  2. Once the sketch is perfected and approved by the policyholder, the Jewelry Specialist will have a virtual 3D model created and will email it to the policyholder for approval.
  3. Upon approval of the 3D model, the Jewelry Specialist will have a wax model of the item created and will ship it, along with the stones for the jewelry piece, to the policyholder for evaluation.
  4. Along with the wax model the policyholder will receive return shipping labels and an authorization form to sign stating they agree that the details of the item are accurate and the item is no longer returnable once it is created.
  5. When the Jewelry Specialist receives the wax model and signed form, they will proceed to have the item created.
  6. Upon completion of the item, the Jewelry Specialist will have new appraisals prepared for re-insuring and shipping arrangements will be made.