INSPECTION-SERVICESWith a state-of-the-art gem lab complete with our own GIA Graduate Gemologist, our inspection services have been proven to increase the accuracy of identifying the exact problem with each piece of jewelry.


Cause of Loss – If a stone has fallen out of a mounting, Artigem can determine if the stone fell out due to a manufacturing defect or normal wear.

ManufacturingDefect1           CorrectManufacturing

 {Manufacturing Defect}         {Correct Manufacturing Process}

Chipped and Damaged Stone Evaluation – Artigem can determine whether the stated “damage” is due to trauma or a pre-existing flaw within the stone.

NaturalInclusion                    ChippedStone

{Natural Part of the Stone}                {Chipped Stone}

Clarity Enhancement Identification– Clarity enhanced diamonds are “treated” to make imperfection within the stone invisible. Our GIA Graduate Gemologist can determine if a stone is chipped or if the filling within the diamonds has come out, allowing us to find the correct solution for each situation.


                {before}                                        {after}