Setting Expectations 

With Artigem averaging 35% below scheduled limits, it is important for the adjuster to set expectations in the beginning.

On the first call, explain the policy, “Mrs. Jones, your policy allows for repair or replacement of your jewelry up to the coverage or scheduled amount.”

– This statement sets the expectation that the insured should not anticipate a cash settlement for the coverage limit and that they can be made whole through replacement at today’s market price.

It is important for the policyholder to understand that the market dictates the quote. By stating the above, expectations are set in the beginning.

Artigem Customer Talking Points

Artigem understands that policyholders may be hesitant at first. However, realizing that the Artigem team is passionate about making them whole, they enjoy our services. Below we have provided talking points to assist you in introducing Artigem to your policyholder.

“Our national jewelry vendor, Artigem, will be contacting you shortly to assist you in replacing your jewelry.”

“We use Artigem to research over 1,000 different supplier’s inventories to find LKQ to your item and establish today’s current replacement value.”

“We use Artigem because our company has very strict quality standards that Artigem must adhere to. If you go outside our network, we may be unable to endure these standards are met.”

“Artigem’s team has over 550 years of combined experience in all aspects of the jewelry industry. They are extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.”