The Policyholder

Artigem appreciates and takes great care in communicating to the policyholder that their quality standards are geared toward the consumer. The program was designed to enlighten the consumer and ensure that they receive a valuable experience through the claim process.


Policyholder Benefits 

  • All criteria listed on the appraisal is met or exceeded, depending on availability in the market
  • New appraisals for re-insure are included
  • GIA independently lab graded diamonds are used for replacements whenever possible
  • If no cut grade is listed on the appraisal for a diamond, Artigem will use either Very Good or Excellent
  • Artigem follows guidelines set forth in our Services Agreement with your company to guarantee the insured these guidelines are met
  • 14 day hassle free return policy (custom made, special order excluded). If for any reason the insured is not completely satisfied, Artigem will send FedEx to their home to pick up the item at no cost to the insured or insurance company
  • 3 year warranty against manufacturing defect
  • Artigem has the largest selection of replacement jewelry
  • Insured can replace from their home or office
  • Special Membership privileges are available for the policyholder to purchase jewelry at Insurance Company’s Pricing



Artigem uses the Gemological Institute of America’s independent laboratory reports whenever possible. GIA is universally recognized in the jewelry industry as the most accurate and unbiased standard in grading diamonds.


Jewelry Professionals

Our team is comprised of highly trained and passionate professionals that work directly with the insured, acting as their personal shopper. The Artigem Jewelry Specialists will research the market for the best match.

Each claim is handled with time and dedication to find the correct replacement that will meet or exceed all characteristics on the insurance description.


Policyholder’s Claim Services Home Page

Each policyholder will have a personal home page where they can view replacement opportunities (aka shopping cart) and our Market Evaluation Report. The Market Evaluation Report shows the policyholder exactly how we derived our quote.

The Policyholder can select replacement from pre-defined options from their home or office using the Artigem shopping cart: