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Jewelry Services.

Full service jewelry claim processing, from quotes to salvage


Each jewelry claim that comes through Artigem will receive an accurate current market quote. These quotes are based on the current market conditions and come with a Market Evaluation Report giving the adjuster and policyholder a thorough breakdown of the where the cost of the item was derived from and what the item can be replaced for by Artigem.


We research each piece of jewelry in our patented software and give a valuation based on current market conditions making this process extremely accurate. Artigem always provides like kind and quality replacements. Meaning the policyholder will always receive the same or better quality attributes listed on the appraisal or receipt.


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With a state-of-the-art gem lab complete with our own GIA Graduate Gemologist, our inspection services have been proven to increase the accuracy of identifying the exact problem with each piece of jewelry. Our inspection services include cause of loss evaluations, chipped and damaged stone inspections, and clarity enhancement identifications.

Matching Earring.

Artigem understands the sentimental value that jewelry can hold. This is why we have developed a program using our state-of-the-art Sarin machine to accurately identify all the attributes of a remaining earring after a policyholder loses the other one. This allows the policyholder to keep a part of their treasure, rather than having to buy a completely new pair and salvage the remaining earring.

Custom Jewelry.

In the event that the policyholder’s item was custom made or is no longer available in the market, Artigem offers a custom design process to re-create their item. It is Artigem’s goal to make the policyholder whole again through replacement and we will work directly with them to ensure that we have all of the correct information needed to reproduce their item as accurately as possible. Inspection Services

Inspection Services

Cause of Loss

If a stone has fallen out of a mounting, Artigem can determine if the stone fell out due to a manufacturing defect or normal wear.

Chipped and Damaged Stones

Artigem can determine whether the stated “damage” is due to trauma or a pre-existing flaw within the stone.

Clarity Enhancements

Clarity enhanced diamonds are “treated” to make imperfection within the stone invisible. Our GIA Graduate Gemologist can determine if a stone is chipped or if the filling within the diamonds has come out, allowing us to find the correct solution for each situation.

Salvage Services

Artigem’s salvage jewelry program researches the current diamond, metal, and finished jewelry markets to find comparable items to each salvage item. This process provides the most accurate payout for policyholder claims.

Get your Gem Membership

All policyholders that have worked with Artigem or any employee from our partnering companies and insurance carriers are extended a special membership that allows them to utilize Artigem for any future jewelry purchases with unlimited access to our inventory of diamonds, gemstones, fine jewelry, and watches with no fees or obligations.

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