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Create new re-occurring premium revenue by updating the values of old jewelry appraisals and ensure that your customers can be made whole in case of a loss

Over 50% Scheduled Jewelry Policies are Underinsured

Average premium lift per policy is about $35

Most Insurance Companies have never updated the values on scheduled jewelry policies, this has caused over 50% policies to be under-insured. When a client suffers a loss they cannot be made whole because the valuation is not current with market conditions.

Artigem’s SpeedCheck is a solution to audit the book of business and update the values of these old appraisals to ensure your client has the correct insure-to-value.

Benefits for Insurance Companies

Average a $35 per appraisal premium increase per year

Additional annual revenue of $3,500,000 per 100,000 appraisals

Increase customer satisfaction in claims

Creates brand loyalty

Benefits for Policyholder

All will have the correct insure-to-value

Does not require them to pay $ hundreds of dollars for new appraisals

Made whole in case of loss

Better claim experience

SpeedCheck can manage the appraisal value based on changing market conditions for the policy lifecycle. Appraisal values will never grow old again.

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