The one automated contents claim management solution that puts the adjuster in complete control of the entire claim life cycle. Your job just got a lot easier, and your policyholders just got a lot happier.


We’ve applied our proven expertise to develop Artigem Streamline for all the contents in a home.

With a 100% customer retention rate for the past five years, Artigem is known within the insurance industry as a leader in specialty contents claim management. Now we’ve applied that expertise to home contents claim management, streamlining everything from vendor workflow to handling receipts. Through this automation you can achieve greater efficiency, speed and accuracy for every policyholder claim.


The journey to claims closure just got a lot shorter.

Now adjusters have a new and innovative technology solution for managing and reducing the contents claim life cycle by up to 35% for jewelry to millions of household products.

Artigem Streamline puts the adjuster in complete control:

Claims Portal

Individual claim portals manage workflow between adjusters, supervisors, policyholders and vendors


Built in business logic automates repetitive tasks

Receipt Mapping

Receipt mapping that calculates holdovers and quantities


Secure vendor portal ensures cyber security compliance without the expense