The ARTIGEM proprietary software accurately appraises jewelry so that your policyholders don’t pay too much or too little in premiums ensuring when a valued piece of jewelry is lost, stolen or damaged, a replacement is not only acceptable but exceptional.

  • Is Available for Claims 24/7
  • Increases Policyholder Satisfaction
  • Checks Appraisal Prices Systematically Once Entered
  • Reduces Policyholder Pushback

There are no requirements for performing jewelry appraisals, which creates a need for agents to have a quick and easy solution to check and ensure that the values and attributes of appraisals are accurate. Many times agents/underwriting unknowingly accept appraisals with too high or too low values and receive pushback from their clients when a claim is filed.

What is it?

Speedcheck is a web-based application where agents/underwriters access easy-to-use software to check the accuracy of jewelry’s appraised values. This software allows agents/underwriting to quickly and efficiently check values based on current market conditions to ensure proper coverage is in place. Simply log in, create a file number, and enter the data.


The software checks current market conditions on gemstones, diamonds, and precious metals to determine if the appraised value is accurate. The software identifies:

  • Appraisals priced too high, causing policyholders to pay too much premium
  • Appraisals priced too low, causing policyholders to pay out-of-pocket expenses

Distinctive Attributes:

  • 70% of appraisals do not list the gold weight of the mounting
  • In the wholesale market, gold is priced on a per gram or DWT basis
  • 80% of jewelry appraisals do not list the cut grade of a diamond
  • Assumptions must be given in the policyholders favor costing insurance companies millions in additional indemnity expenses
  • With Speedcheck, underwriting can set parameters based on stone size or appraised values that determine what attributes need to be identified


Speedcheck can be utilized by agents at the point of sale to monitor the quality of appraisals before they are submitted to underwriting. An agent enters the attributes of the appraised item and Speedcheck instructs the agent if additional data is needed or whether the appraised value is within an acceptable range.